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Estuary is building the next generation of real-time data integration solutions.


We’re creating a new kind of DataOps platform that empowers engineering teams to build real-time, data-intensive applications at scale with minimal friction. This platform unifies a team’s databases, pub/sub systems, and SaaS around their data, without requiring new investments in infrastructure or development.

Estuary develops in the open to produce both the runtime for our managed service and an ecosystem of open-source connectors. We’re passionate about providing data integration tools for users across a spectrum of use-cases, industries, and budgets.

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What Our Clients Says...

"Estuary Flow allows us to integrate low-latency CDC and connect to SaaS apps across our entire reporting stack. It's the first solution we've found that does both."

— Estuary customer, advertising agency

"We needed a platform to help optimize marketing campaigns with low-latency. Estuary provided an unparalleled solution to do so at terabyte scale."

— Fenestra

Estuary supports dataflow speeds up to 7Gb/s.

How to deploy Change Data Capture (CDC) & Streaming ETL in minutes using Estuary Flow


By the end of this webinar, you'll know how to:

Builds end-to-end real-time data pipelines using CDC and SQL or TypeScript in minutes

Use Estuary connectors to create real-time and batch data pipelines across databases, apps, analytics, and AI 

Automatically infer data schema for relational, semi-structured, and other data, then add validation, tests, and policies for what to do with schema changes over time.

On Demand

Dave Yaffe, CEO & Founder 

Use SQL or TypeScript to add streaming joins, aggregations, and other transforms.

Time travel to view historical data or automatically backfill data as you connect.